First Grand Theft Auto 6 Screenshot Reportedly Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 6

The ongoing crusade of fans to uncover even the smallest morsels of information pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6 may have finally yielded some substantial results. Last week, an image purportedly revealing one of the primary locations – in this instance Vice City – players will be exploring surfaced online, provided by an anonymous (and yet to be identified) individual.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: how does this differ, at all, to the myriad other leaks over the years claiming to depict the very same thing? Truth be told, there isn’t, though what sets this particular instance aside from the rest is its convincing nature, namely the fact that what’s shown on-screen isn’t an easily identifiable fake. In fact, the article’s genuine-looking qualities have been revisited numerous times already by several individuals, specifically Reddit user SouthernFailway, who believes several elements make it quite possibly the real deal

Chief among these is the revelation that several buildings seen in the screenshot line up almost perfectly with Miami’s skyline – the real-world inspiration for Vice City. This, coupled with the assets’ compressed nature (supposedly a standard practice observed by developer Rockstar) and what appears to be a prototype minimap similar to that seen on pre-release screens for Red Dead Redemption 2, all point in the right direction.

SouthernFailway surmises that what hopeful fans are looking at originates from a playtest build of Grand Theft Auto 6, though as usual, this is impossible to verify. Should the deductions prove correct, however, it could be sooner rather than later, that an official announcement arrives to break the internet. Until then, let us know what you make of the development in the usual place below!