First New Apex Legends Character May Be Here At The End Of March

Apex Legends

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a metric ton of leaked data from the game of the moment, Apex Legends. Similar to Fortnite before it, folks have dug through every inch of the code in an attempt to figure out what might be in the works. Already, they’ve turned up evidence that Respawn are planning to introduce larger and smaller squad sizes, some new weapons and even new vehicles like a hoverbike.

Now, we have even more to share, as data-miners have found that a new character might be on the way and he could be here as soon as the end of March. As reported by Gaming Intel, files for someone named Octane have been discovered and apparently, he’ll be released during Week 8, which would be at the end of next month. Given that Respawn’s already told us we’ll be getting one new Legend per season, it’d make sense for them to drop Octane at that point.

According to earlier leaks, Octane will come equipped with a Stimpack, which will give him additional boosts for his health regeneration, movement speed and more. Or at least, that’s what we imagine will be the case. With the developer staying silent on their plans though, all we can do right now is speculate.

Regardless, given how much folks have combed through Fortnite already, we’re sure there’ll be many more interesting discoveries to come from Apex Legends‘ code over the next few weeks. That being said, just because something’s mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll see the light of day. After all, some of this stuff could’ve been discarded from the final product for being unbalanced.

Our advice? Take all this with a grain of salt until Respawn makes some kind of official announcement.

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