Grand Theft Auto V On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC To Feature First-Person Mode

grand theft auto v first person

Speaking with IGN, Rockstar Games confirmed today that the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V will include a first-person mode. News of the feature was accidentally leaked by the studio back in September on a support page that detailed new additions coming to the current-gen ports.

In the trailer below, we see how different the city of Los Santos can look from a new perspective. We watch as the player shoots down helicopters, weaves through police barricades, engages in shoot-outs on the streets and several other harrowing moments. Of course, if you’ve already played Grand Theft Auto V, then you’re probably familiar with these scenes. Still, the first-person look is rather jarring to say the least.

Making the transition from third to first-person was no easy task, however. In order to fully make the mode stand out on current-gen consoles, Rockstar Games had to completely rebuild the world in order to have it look proper in this new perspective. This means that everything from the interior of vehicles to the walking animations of the three protagonists had to be re-modeled.

Speaking as someone who was waiting until Grand Theft Auto V came to current-gen consoles before I played it, I’m intrigued by this addition. The amount of time and care Rockstar Games put into this mode is evident from the trailer, and it’s clear that this isn’t a half-assed job, which is a good thing.

Grand Theft Auto V will release for the Xbox One and PlayStation on November 18th, with the PC release coming in January 2015.

Source: Kotaku