First Teaser For The Division’s Last Stand DLC Reports For Duty


Ahead of tomorrow’s grand reveal, Ubisoft has rolled out the first teaser trailer for Last Stand, The Division‘s third expansion pack poised to cap off the shooter’s first year of post-launch content.

At only 44 seconds in length, there are precious few details to be found in the snippet above, but with a Twitch showcase scheduled to take place tomorrow, January 19, at 8am PT/11am ET, we expect to learn much more about Last Stand – including when it’ll be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC – very soon indeed. A PvP domination-style game mode appears to be on the cards, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out whether Internet punters are on point regarding the expansion’s new features.

Following up on Underground and Survival, The Division‘s third content pack will be included in the shooter’s $40 Season Pass, while there’s also the option to purchase the DLC individually for $15. Had The Division experienced a smoother launch, all three of those expansion packs would have been released much sooner, but developer Ubisoft Massive chose to postpone the shooter’s post-launch support in order to rectify many of the lingering technical issues that plagued post-pandemic NYC in the months after launch.

The Division‘s Last Stand DLC is without a release date at the time of writing. As per Microsoft’s content partnership with Ubisoft, it’ll launch first for Xbox One and PC, before making the jump to PS4 about a month later.