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Footage Leaks Of Cancelled Spider-Man 4 Movie Tie-In Game

The footage showcases and unfinished build for the Xbox 360.


When it comes to video game adaptions of movies the 2004 classic Spider-Man 2 is one of, if not the best. While its sequel Spider-Man 3 wasn’t received as kindly the series still maintained anticipation both for its films and games heading into Spider-Man 4 before it was canceled.

While we didn’t get a fourth movie in the Sam Rami Spider-Man series, nor a fourth game, thanks to footage shared to YouTube we may have a glimpse at what an early build of the canceled game looked like.

Posted to YouTube by Obscure Gamers, what looks to have been an Xbox 360 build of Spider-Man 4 is showcased for around 20 minutes of footage and it boasts everything fans love about Spider-Man games.

As you can clearly see from the footage, this version of the game was far from complete with textures yet to be filled out among other work that still needed doing, however, the mechanics for movement and offense all seem to look and feel correct for the web-slinger.

The assets present in this footage though aren’t meant for the game as they were taken from the 2009 open-world game Prototype and reused to recreate the unfinished Spider-Man 4 build.

This isn’t the first time that a version of this canceled project has leaked online. Previously a build for the Nintendo Wii was shared, however, as you’d expect being a less powerful system it was running on a different engine and didn’t quite look as smooth as this new footage.

While we never got to see this game released, nor the movie it would have been based upon, thankfully we’ve had quite a run with great Spider-Man games recently, and a new one is on the horizon.

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