Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Event Day 1 Unvaults The Light Machine Gun

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite has officially acknowledged the start of summer with its own special occasion. Starting from today and scheduled to run for two weeks, fans of the battle royale are being given access to a slew of new gameplay content accompanied by a set of exclusive challenges to complete. As always, ticking off these tasks awards several cosmetic skins and Back Bling items with which to proclaim your love for the scorching summer sun, but that’s not all.

Rather than have the entirety of the event revolve around a single Limited-Time Mode as it usually does, Epic is trying something a little different this time around. Every 24 hours, the current LTM will be swapped out for a new one, making for a total of 14. As to how this affects the aforementioned challenges on offer, you needn’t worry about completing the whole lot in a similar period. The list is universal, meaning you have the entire fortnight to reach 100% completion.

In addition to all of the above, a further changing element in the form of unvaulted weapons is part and parcel for the update. Like the constantly rotating game modes, Battle Island regulars will have access to one vaulted weapon each day before it’s swiftly replaced with another and so on. Given that Day 1 has already commenced, you’re probably wondering which weapon is first, right? See for yourselves below.

First introduced way back in Season 3, the light machine gun quickly gained a reputation for its fearsome power and ability to drop opponents before they even had the chance to react. That being the case, it’s hardly surprising that Epic decided to contain its power within the vault not long after with Season 6. Like all weapons to have been vaulted, the LMG has since been made usable in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, though this is the first time it’ll be returning to standard modes since its original departure.

That about wraps up the first day of Fortnite‘s summer, but be sure to let us know in the comments below which weapon you’re hoping to see unvaulted over the coming days!