Fortnite Is Basically Canon Now In The Marvel Universe


In case you hadn’t heard, Fortnite players have unwittingly found themselves in the middle of a cosmic war. Shortly after arriving on Apollo Island last week, Thor has beamed several of his superhero friends into the battle royale in order to take on Galactus. The planet-devouring entity, it turns out, is eager to have a taste of Fortnite’s world and will surely get his way if the good guys fail.

That’s the premise presented on developer Epic Games’ end, at least, but the narrative actually goes much, much deeper than that. As it turns out, Marvel has been setting the stage for this particular crossover for quite some time, even going so far as to explain why the aforementioned Asgardian has turned up in what appears to be a completely different dimension from his own.

For context, a relatively new Thor comic series penned by Donny Cates sees the God of Thunder partner up with Galactus in an uneasy pact. The latter, defeated, makes Thor his new herald after revealing that a cosmic plague, the Black Winter, is threatening to engulf the entire universe and only by devouring five specific planets can Galactus prevent the catastrophe from taking place.

The stand-up guy that he is, Thor has been doing his best to evacuate every planet that his new boss decides to munch on, though the pair eventually find themselves face to face with an anomalous rift pulsing with power. And what should be on the other side of that tear in reality than Apollo Island itself? Cue the present day, where Thor, realizing that Galactus’ latest meal is home to all sorts of sentient life (that’s you, by the way), must now do everything in his power to evacuate Fortnite‘s world.

Is this hinting at yet another world-ending event similar to last year’s Season X? Who knows, but it’s certainly looking likely.