Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Teaser Hints At Superman Skin


Fortnite‘s next major update is just around the corner and Epic Games, as usual, is ramping up the hype ahead of launch. Come tomorrow, June 8th, the battle royale will undergo a brief period of downtime before returning with a fresh coat of paint. Players can expect a renewed Battle Pass brimming with rewards to sink their teeth into as well as numerous changes to the existing Apollo Island map, which appears to be on the cusp of suffering a world-altering alien invasion.

Indeed, an influx of extraterrestrial life has been teased to commence with Season 7 for some time now, and it seems as if one of the most iconic visitors from the wider cosmos is on course to arrive shortly. In a teaser released on Twitter yesterday, Epic showcased three items – a guitar, gun and pair of glasses – all of which one can only assume allude to future content. It’s the last of these, however, that’s causing quite a stir on social media, especially as the specs are accompanied by the following description:

Catalog Entry #407-740: When placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable. More testing required. Full data upload – 6.8.2021

For the uninitiated, Superman’s alter ego, which involves dressing down and putting on a pair of glasses to become Clark Kent, has long been a source of humor among fans due to its poor attempt at a disguise, an oversight that the quote above clearly riffs on. DC’s Man of Steel is more or less confirmed at this point, then, though it remains to be seen whether he’ll be present exclusively as an NPC or a premium skin that players will have to unlock by completing various weekly challenges.

We’re willing to bet the latter is most likely, but you can let us know what you think Fortnite‘s latest seasonal update will entail in the usual place below!