Fortnite Fans Think Chapter 2 Battle Pass Character Is DC’s Deathstroke


No doubt resulting in late nights and tired eyes, Epic Games has just deployed its biggest update yet for Fortnite.

Now boasting a new Chapter 2 moniker, the battle royale has undergone a drastic facelift for its latest season starting with a fresh, untouched map to replace war-torn Battle Island. Featuring snaking river rapids and a bunch of new locations to explore, Apollo is the new second home for the title’s millions of fans who have only begun to scratch the surface of its secrets and points of interest.

One persistent feature to have survived the changeover, however, is Fortnite‘s trend-setting Battle Pass. As usual, completion of its various challenges is the only way to obtain the lion’s share of cosmetics produced for Chapter 2, Season 1 and, bizarrely, fans have spotted one such cosmetic that shares an uncanny resemblance to with a certain DC villain. Check out the gallery below for a glimpse of, for want of a better term, the knock-off Deathstroke skin.

Why label it as such, you ask? Well, despite the obvious similarities it shares with Joe Manganiello’s portrayal of the supervillain in Justice League, the costume makes no specific mention of Deathstroke (real name Slade Wilson) in any way. Despite that, however, fans have reacted by comparing the two lookalikes side-by-side.

There’s no arguing against it – the new figurehead of Fortnite Chapter 2 is a like-for-like video game recreation of Deathstroke, the only major difference being a divergence in costume design. It remains to be seen whether Epic’s artists knowingly included the nod or whether one of its numbers simply had Manganiello’s likeness in mind when putting pen to paper. Whatever the case, any comic book fan looking to cosplay the popular villain now has the perfect skin for the job.

You’ll be required to knock out those Battle Pass ranks in order to unlock it first, of course, but fear not – we’ve put together a handy guide to help you on the way. Good luck!