Fortnite Leak Reveals Area 51 Alien And Cupid Skins

Fortnite season 10

The latest patch for Fortnite Season X is just around the corner and fans might already know what to expect when it arrives later this week. Excluding the odd hiccup here and there, Epic Games is generally on the ball when it comes to regularly and reliably updating the battle royale. A mixture of New Limited-Time Modes, map changes, weapons and, of course, cosmetics, arrive on every Wednesday of the month, ensuring that Battle Island regulars always have something new to experience.

This time around, serial Fortnite dataminer S1l0x believes they’ve uncovered what appears to be two new cosmetic skins due to arrive imminently. Check them out for yourself via the gallery below:

For Fortnite, leaks such as these are commonplace, though S1l0x notes a key difference with this particular discovery. Unlike the slew of datamined assets usually circulated on social media, these two outfits were unearthed as a result of digging around in encrypted files. Epic usually only puts such items under lock and key if it wants to hide their existence from potential interference. As it turns out, though, those security measures didn’t work very well.

If you need more convincing before dropping cash on either skin when they inevitably become available, S1l0x has shared in-game footage of both on Twitter.

While no release date for either is provided, the leak estimates that the so-called Traveler skin will likely release on September 20th to coincide with the popular ‘Storm Area 51’ internet meme. The jacket that our new one-eyed extraterrestrial friend is wearing has the secretive military base’s name stamped on its sleeve, too, so it’s clearly no coincidence.

Either way, we’ll ultimately find out what it is that Epic’s planning for Fortnite as the week progresses, so as always, stay tuned.