This Week’s Fortnite Season X Update Has Been Delayed

Fortnite season 10

The usually well-oiled machine that is Fortnite‘s weekly update schedule has come to a grinding halt, it seems. Yesterday, Epic Games confirmed via Twitter that patch v10.10, originally planned to go live today, has been delayed until further notice. As for when the developer hopes to have everything back up and in working order remains to be seen – no revised launch window has so far been provided.

“Due to last minute issues discovered with the build, we’ve had to delay the timing for the release of the v10.10 update,” reads the post, though it declines to specify what, exactly, is responsible for the hold-up. Chances are the culprit is so mundane as to not warrant any further explanation, but fans will be disappointed, nonetheless. It’s certainly not unheard of for Epic to announce a last-minute delay to proceedings, but the contents of this week’s patch, in particular, are eagerly anticipated for a specific reason.

Introduced alongside Season X last month, the latest vehicular invention to touchdown on Battle Island has rubbed the majority of Fortnite players the wrong way for being too powerful. The B.R.U.T.E., a two-man, two-legged mech capable of unleashing sustained barrages of hellfire via its onboard weaponry, has fast become one of the most-hated new additions to the game since launch two years ago.

That, combined with the discovery of several egregious bugs and glitches causing all kinds of bizarre side effects, have prompted many to call on its complete removal from the game. Epic has declined to meet those demands, however, preferring instead to try its hand at a less heavy-handed approach. When patch v10.10 finally does arrive, several adjustments to the mechanical menace will be made. Will those be enough to quiet the storm of negativity surrounding the B.R.U.T.E.? Let’s hope so, or else Epic will assuredly find itself between a rock and a hard place with its customer base going forward.