Fortnite Leak Reveals The Mandalorian Crossover For Season 5

The Mandalorian

While all hands are currently on deck in-game attempting to thwart the plans of a certain planet-eating menace, Fortnite data miners have uncovered a massive teaser for next month’s seasonal refresh. The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau’s hugely popular Disney Plus show set in the Star Wars universe, appears all but confirmed to be getting its own crossover event in Epic’s battle royale or, at the very least, a bunch of cosmetics based on the series.

Reputable leaker Lucas7yoshi has shared key art for Chapter 2 Season 5 over on Twitter, with Din Djarin (otherwise known simply as Mando) standing front and center, flanked on either side by what’ll presumably be other cosmetic skins obtainable via the upcoming Battle Pass reset.

Check out the leak for yourself below:

Interestingly, Lucas believes that this particular collaboration will follow a similar format to that of Deadpool’s temporary vacation earlier in the year – as an unlockable secret skin rather than the primary story focus, as Marvel’s various superheroes have been during the so-called Nexus War. If true, it means players will be required to complete a series of challenges over the course of several weeks, with the final prize being a suit of extremely rare (and expensive) Beskar armor. It goes without saying, too, that we fully expect Baby Yoda to make an appearance, though probably not as a playable character.

You can no doubt bank on further details for that to show up in the future, but for now, there’s the small matter of Galactus to deal with. See here for everything we currently know about what’s shaping up to be Fortnite‘s biggest event to date.