Fortnite Leak Reveals The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Location

Fortnite season 9

As far as overarching themes go, Fortnite Season X has got to be one of the battle royale’s best yet.

Beginning with the return of Dusty Depot, Epic Games has spent the last several weeks since Out of Time’s launch gradually restoring beloved Points of Interest from Battle Island’s past to their former glory. As of writing, a total of five so-called Rift Zones have been deployed in-game and with ample time remaining until Season X’s replacement arrives, Epic is expected to still have a few time-bending tricks up its sleeve.

Thanks to the recent efforts of data miners, we may already know where the developer intends to plant its next Rift Beacon. As per trustworthy leaker FortTory, visual assets for the long-forgotten Prison have been discovered embedded in Fortnite‘s files.

Check out the new find below:

FortTory’s latest discovery isn’t quite a confirmation of the Prison’s return in Season X, but, well, you know the drill by now. The track record for these sorts of leaks has been proven time and again with unreleased content and with Season X’s shtick all about playing upon nostalgia, the puzzle pieces fit too neatly to be just a coincidence. There is an (albeit slim) chance that what we’re looking at here is simply assets leftover from the original Prison, but that’s unlikely given the circumstances.

This particular find was added earlier this week with Fortnite‘s v10.30 patch, so if, for whatever reason, you needed more proof, there you have it. Still up for debate, however, is in what fashion Epic intends to bring the detention centre back. All existing Rift Zones carry a neat gameplay twist as a means of refreshing the original version. So could the Prison’s return pave the way for a Cops vs Robbers Limited-Time mode or something else entirely?

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