Fortnite Patch V10.30 Adds New Moisty Palms And Greasy Grove Rift Zones

Fortnite season 10

The time-bending tomfoolery first introduced to Fortnite in Season X continues to unfold.

Today, Epic Games rolled out its latest patch for the battle royale that, among other bits and bobs, introduces two brand new Rift Zones for players to explore at their leisure. For the uninitiated, these anomalies are the result of so-called Rift Beacons being deployed at various locations around Battle Island, the first of which marked the return of Dusty Divot from seasons past.

Since then, several more rifts in space-time have opened, though not all of them lead back to the recent past. In the case of futuristic city Neo Tilted, the metropolis was sent way back in time to the Old West and subsequently transformed into Tilted Town, a dusty settlement replete with vintage weaponry and swing-door saloons. As for today’s offering, Epic’s decided to add not one, but two new Rift Zones into the Fortnite sandbox, one of which marks the return of a fan favourite Point of Interest.

As players have no doubt come to expect by now, Greasy Grove hasn’t returned exactly as it once was. This time around, the location has adopted a taco theme that, bizarrely, will prompt the Mexican staple to randomly start falling from the sky. Those lucky enough to witness the phenomenon first hand will be overcome with an uncontrollable urge to dance says Epic, and will regenerate health while doing so.

If tacos aren’t your thing, you’ll probably want to check out Moisty Palms instead. The second Rift Zone is a new addition to Fortnite and boasts a few unique properties of its own, chief of which being shapeshifting shenanigans. While inside the zone’s boundaries, crouching will trigger player avatars to take on the form of various inanimate objects. In regards to the practical applications of disguising oneself as garden furniture or a toilet bowl, check out the video here for a primer before catching a ride on the Battle Bus. Enjoy!