First Fortnite Season 10 Teaser Image Reveals The Return Of Dusty Depot

Fortnite season 9

We’re now just a few days out from the launch of Fortnite‘s tenth season and with the Fortnite World Cup taking place recently, most assumed that during it we’d get at least a glimpse at what was coming down the line. Well, said glimpse has just arrived in the form of a teaser image.

As you can see down below, it doesn’t reveal a huge amount, but there are some things we can work out from this. For one, it seems that Dusty Depot is returning to the game. The area was the first named location to be removed from the map in the aftermath of the meteor strike at the beginning of Season 4. As it was very badly damaged by the impact, it gradually became a ruin and was eventually officially replaced by Dusty Divot (which sits there at the moment).

The picture was captioned with “Think Back” on social media as well, which suggests to me that Season 10 will see other old areas of the map returning, possibly along with some kind of time travel theme.

One thing the image also confirms is that Season 10 will be known officially as ‘Season X’ (see the big X in the background). We got a hint at this just yesterday when the PlayStation Store’s Fortnite icon was updated to one featuring an X, and data-miners have discovered references to ‘Season X’ in the game’s code as well.

We’ll know for sure what’s going on on Thursday August 1st, when the new season is officially released. In the meantime, anyone still beavering away at Season 9 had better put their foot on the accelerator. After all, all Season 9 rewards are exclusive to this season of Fortnite, so if you don’t reach Battle Pass tier 100 by Thursday, you’re going to miss out.