Secret Fortnite Map Changes Tease The Return Of Greasy Grove And More


Time-altering shenanigans currently affecting Fortnite could be about to get a whole lot wackier, it seems.

Coinciding with the release of Season X: Out of Time, Epic Games introduced a brand new feature in the form of Rift Zones. These tears in the fabric of reality have been used as a means of bringing back locations from the battle royale’s past, beginning with Dusty Depot. Since then, a number of portals have exploded into existence across Battle Island, the latest of which saw the return of a fan favourite, the Motel.

As it turns out, however, the same patch to reintroduce that point of interest has also brought with it several unmentioned map changes. There’s a good chance that some secrets remain undiscovered but of those found, players think they’ve pieced together Epic’s intentions for future updates. A handful of inactive Rift Beacons – devices responsible for the appearance of those royal purple portals – have begun popping up in several different places.

Check out the gallery below for where to find them:

As of now, the strange contraptions are inanimate, but for how long is another matter entirely. One Beacon has been observed being loaded onto a truck, suggesting that its final resting place is far, far from its current position. Previous data-mining efforts have hinted at the return of other long-gone locations like Greasy Grove and Anarchy Acres, but by no means are either set in stone to make a comeback.

For now, we’ve no choice but to wait and see how Epic intends for the remainder of Fortnite Season X to unfold but at the very least, it’s clear that the developer is far from finished with tinkering with time. As for the truck and its precious cargo, be sure to let us know what you think (and hope) its final destination is going to be in the comments below!