Fortnite May Be Getting Another Marvel-Themed Season


In case you hadn’t heard, the outcome of Fortnite‘s high stakes Nexus War has finally been decided.

Earlier this week, Marvel supervillain Galactus made his debut, hungry and incredibly eager to harness the power of Apollo Island’s mysterious Zero Point. The device, bursting with untold energy (the perfect snack for a planet-sized cosmic entity), ultimately ended up staying exactly where it belongs thanks to the combined efforts of Iron Man, Thor and a host of other heroes, with gamers themselves ultimately playing the most important role in repelling the world eater’s assault.

And now that Chapter 2 – Season 5 has arrived to take its predecessor’s place, Marvel has seen fit to share a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part in the collaboration, though not before first signing off with the ominous “see you again soon!”

Check out the message for yourself in the gallery down below:

As for how soon fans can expect the battle royale to yet again host Epic Games’ favorite business partner, we couldn’t possibly say, and it’s even less clear as to what shape such a follow-up crossover would take. Nexus War, after all, was an exceptionally ambitious affair in itself, and topping it could ultimately prove impossible. We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires either way, but suffice it to say, this likely isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Mutants and Asgardians paying Fortnite a visit.

Until that moment comes, however, there’s plenty to be getting on with in-game. Season 5: Zero Point not only introduces an all-new story for players to piece together over the next three months or so, but a renewed Battle Pass to boot. Rewards include skins based on Disney’s hit show The Mandalorian and, judging by recent leaks, there’s a lot more on the way, too. See here for the full story.