Sony Confirms God Of War Crossover For Fortnite

Image via Playstation

Gaming’s angriest man will soon be taking a timeout from slaying gods to visit Fortnite.

We are, of course, referring to none other than God of War‘s Kratos, who, Sony confirms, is being recruited alongside some other familiar faces in order to save Apollo Island from total destruction. For those not aware, Chapter 2 – Season 5 finally kicked off earlier this week, bringing an end to the battle royale’s Marvel-focused Nexus War. While players successfully managed to repel Galactus and sent him packing back to his own universe, the world eater’s actions have caused all-new problems in the form of an unstable Zero Point.

The mysterious device, presumed to be of extraterrestrial origin, threatens to attract The Seven’s attention and, judging by the group’s previous actions, that’s really bad. For reasons unknown, Jones is scouting all reality to enlist the help of hunters, one of which is none other than the Mandalorian. Kratos, it seems, belongs in this category, too, and will be appearing quite soon.

As if that wasn’t already proof enough that the Ghost of Sparta is inbound, folks over at ResetEra have uncovered an image (gallery above) of his in-game model. Excellent news, no doubt, though it’s worth noting that as a first-party IP, it’s almost guaranteed that Kratos will only be available for PlayStation owners.

Then again, who knows? Epic may well have stipulated universal access as a prerequisite for this particular crossover. Likewise, it’s not entirely clear when the seasoned warrior will be available in Fortnite, but we’ll be sure to share the specifics with you as soon as they surface.

As for God of War, a sequel to 2018’s soft reboot is scheduled for release in 2021 for the PlayStation 5. See here for everything we know so far.