Fortnite Meets Apex Legends In Hilarious Mashup


Unless your video game console has been collecting dust the past few weeks, you’ll surely have heard of (and very likely played) Apex Legends, the intense new battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment.

If that name rings a bell, it should; they’re the folks who brought us the Titanfall series, from which Apex Legends was born. And let’s just say their new spinoff has hit the ground running like a fleet-footed pilot about to call in their Titan from orbit – so much so, in fact, that the game even surpassed Fortnite on Twitch during its first week on the market.

And now, as the two titles continue to compete for the battle royale throne, we’re beginning to see some pretty funny mashups coming from the fans and the latest arrives courtesy of Reddit user Miggy010, who has taken the Apex Legends background and placed Fortnite‘s own Jonesy on it, resulting in an amusing collision of the two games.

Of course, such a crossover would never happen in real life, but it’s clear that Epic has been spending some serious time with Apex Legends lately in order to understand the competition. Given that they recently introduced a similar ping system into the game with Season 8, it appears as if they’re treating Respawn Entertainment’s new kid on the block seriously as a competitor in the genre.

But is the tide really turning? Maybe, but there’s still a long way to go if Apex Legends is to make its way to the top of the proverbial food chain. Fortnite remains king for the time being and with the aforementioned Season 8 now well underway, it’ll likely stay as such for a little while longer.