Fortnite Patch V10.31 Adds Party Hub, Storm Circle Changes And More

Fortnite season 10

In what’s surely an exception to standard procedure, the latest update rolled out for Fortnite is noticeably light on playable content. Not that anyone is going to raise a fuss, of course, given the battle royale’s usually packed schedule, and there’s certainly cause for celebration this week, thanks to some much-needed changes. Available now, patch v10.31 introduces the new Party Hub feature to mobile versions of Fortnite that makes it easier than ever for like-minded players to link up and strive for glory on Battle Island.

For an idea of what the new and improved UI looks like, check out the gallery below:

So, how does it work? Epic has posted a lengthy FAQ for players to digest at their leisure on the official Fortnite website, but here are a few of the key takeaways you’ll want to make note of.

  • Voice chat between friends can be used even if both players are in a different lobby or match
  • Friends who are already in-game can be joined via the Party Hub
  • Pre-made parties can be transferred from the app to console or PC by having Party Hub open prior to launching Fortnite
  • Players not on your friends list can be prevented from joining a Party Hub session by tapping the lock icon on your player avatar

There are some neat functionality options in there, no doubt, but Epic says it plans to provide additional options in the near future. One of those is text chat which, the developer says, is actively being worked on. As for the remainder of v10.31’s contents, the only tweaks of note are those made to Storm Circles. The ever-shrinking zone of death will no longer reach its final position in Moisty Palms, Greasy Grove, Tilted Town, Retail Row or Pressure Plant. No explanation for the adjustments is given, though they likely have something to do with Season X’s time-warping Rift Zones.

A tame week as we said, then, but some calm before the storm is to be expected, given what some data miners have recently discovered. See here for all the details on Fortnite‘s next collaboration event.