Fortnite Patch V10.40 Adds Starry Suburbs Rift Zone, The Combine And More

Fortnite season 10

Sweeping changes are headed to Fortnite in the near future, it seems. Earlier this week, Epic Games announced that the battle royale’s next season is to introduce myriad of matchmaking adjustments and AI-controlled bots meant to make entry-level play less daunting for potential new players. Both features will arrive sometime in October, though today’s update makes some more immediate tweaks.

Included with patch v10.40, controller settings have received a major overhaul, with options such as sensitivity and aim assist giving players the ability to fine-tune their experience. Due to the potentially drastic impact these options will have on how Fortnite feels to play, Epic has introduced a new playlist that serves as a testing ground for the improvements.

See below for further details:

As a single-player, non-competitive affair, The Combine provides a safe haven away from the dangers of Battle Island to test their custom controller settings in a gauntlet format. The goal is simple – move from point A to B in the fastest time possible while eliminating targets along the way. That’s its primary purpose, though Epic says players are free to use Legacy (mouse & keyboard) or touch controls if they so wish. Once you’ve completed the trial, a series of leaderboards separated by input device will serve as a handy means of comparing your own times with friends.

In regards to the remainder of v10.40’s contents, yet another Rift Zone has spontaneously ripped a hole in the fabric of reality. This time around, the anomaly has settled near Pleasant Park and brings back an entire neighbourhood in the form of Starry Suburbs. This quaint little town, once little more than a ruin, has the uncanny property of attracting cosmic objects or, more precisely, shooting stars to its streets. Once landed, stars can be crushed underfoot and yield powerful items, including a never-before-seen weapon.

That about covers the major talking points of Fortnite‘s weekly update, though if you’re eager to see the gargantuan list of miscellaneous changes introduced with patch v10.40, hit the link below. Enjoy!