Fortnite Players Are Being Abducted By Aliens Ahead Of New Season

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Image via Epic Games

Unsuspecting Fortnite players may be in for a surprise this week as a spate of alien abductions has hit the island. It starts with a bright light in the sky, then a beam that lifts you into the air. After that, you wake up nearby, presumably having had various questionable experiments conducted on you. Fortunately, the experience tops out your health and shields, so as far as I’m concerned, the little green guys can probe away.

The abductions seem to be taking place around Risky Reels and preface the upcoming seventh season of Chapter 2. For the past few months, the island has been primal themed, with makeshift weapons, bone towers, mysterious columns and rogue dinosaurs stalking the map. Along the way, we’ve followed the saga of Raz experimenting with unknown technologies, tangled with the annoyingly tough Spire Guardians and watched Jonesy attempt to understand what it means to be trapped in The Loop.

But all that’s coming to an end on June 8th when Chapter 2 Season 7 kicks off, and if these abductions seen in the tweet below are any indication, we could get a science fiction theme. UFOs popping up on the map might also be excellent timing for Epic Games, as June should see the Pentagon release its report on UFO sightings, which appear to be increasing in number over the last few years.

Who knows, perhaps this is all a psyop intended to get Fortnite players used to the idea of alien life visiting us? Or, just as likely, they’re a fun gimmick that the game hasn’t really explored before. Whatever the case, while the current abductions don’t show us who’s responsible, expect the next Battle Pass to feature all manner of alien goodies.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 will begin on June 8th, hopefully with another extremely cool single player narrative portion. In the meantime, keep watching the skies!