Fortnite Players Are Recreating Squid Game In Creative Mode

Netflix’s hit Korean drama Squid Game is all anyone can talk about these days. The incredibly violent and darkly comic show has been dominating international streaming charts after picking up an insane amount of word-of-mouth, and now it has inevitably come to Fortnite.

While there may well be official skins and tie-ins coming in the future, fans have stepped in to recreate some of the show’s most iconic scenes in Creative Mode. These have exploded in popularity over the last, uh, fortnight, but here’s three of the best.

Map code 0652-7985-6622 will bring you to a Squid Game-influenced set of minigames by user overpowered2019. Players can choose to compete in a version of Red Light/Green Light, Tug of War, and Glass Stepping. Each of these is reimagined within the Fortnite mechanics and is a blast with friends.

Another great take is chinoob-gaming’s ‘Red and Green Light’ at 3847-7224-8449. This starts the player in the bunk bed room from the show, before subjecting them to a recreation of the red light/green light game. This one is a little more accurate to the show, though throws players a bone by allowing them to respawn if they’re seen moving and killed.

Finally, lundleyt’s The Lab Games at 9684-5332-0845 isn’t strictly based on Squid Game, though it’s obviously inspired by it. This features four minigames for 16 players that gradually kill the contestants until there’s one man/woman/banana/fish/Predator standing.

Epic usually has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an actual Fortnite x Squid Game crossover coming soon. More on that as we hear it.