How To Find Stark Industries And Defeat Iron Man In Fortnite Season 4


The Nexus War continues to heat up in Fortnite this week with a brand new update.

Yesterday, fans of the battle royale logged in to find that Apollo Island’s usually rural Frenzy Farm point of interest had undergone some rapid technological advancements during the game’s maintenance, with a sprawling building complex filling the space that once was. Clearly not satisfied with the existing architecture of the island, this overnight urban development project has been funded by none other than Tony Stark, and now serves as his home away from home.

The grandiose display of wealth isn’t just for the benefit of Stark Industries, however, as you’re free to explore and loot the campus to your heart’s content, though fair warning: you’ll need to come equipped expecting a fight if you choose to do so, as other players aren’t the only threat you’re likely to encounter.

Not best pleased with the island’s native inhabitants invading his personal space, Stark’s donned his iconic suit of armor in order to fend off intruders, meaning that you can take on Iron Man himself, if you so wish.

Doing so won’t be so easy, however, as the Avenger has a personal army of robots at his disposal. The latter, when eliminated, have the chance to drop the Stark Industries Energy Rifle, which will make your fight against the billionaire philanthropist that much easier. Should you succeed in your mission, Iron Man will drop a keycard upon defeat, which can be used to open a vault on the bottom floor of a nearby building for some sweet, sweet loot.

In other news, the next stage in Fortnite‘s multi-part Wolverine challenge is now available. See here for our walkthrough.