How To Unlock Wolverine In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4


Fortnite players will have undoubtedly gotten their hands on some of the new Marvel skins introduced with Chapter 2 Season 4 last month, but one outfit that continues to elude everyone is that based on Wolverine. The gruff and incredibly resilient mutant accompanied several of his fellow heroes onto Apollo Island as part of Thor’s call for reinforcements in the fight against Galactus, but as of writing, he’s nowhere to be seen.

That’s because, like Deadpool and Aquaman before him, unlocking Logan’s iconic X-Men costume requires completion of several objectives over a period of several weeks. Epic Games intends to unlock a new chapter in the multi-part quest chain over the course of Season 4 which will culminate on Week 6 with a showdown against the man himself. Three of these challenges are currently available, with the fourth expected to drop tomorrow, September 9th.

For those yet to start the event, your first port of call will be Weeping Woods. Here, you’ll need to investigate three pairs of mysterious claw marks in the surrounding area. These can be found in the bathroom of a house, on a fridge and on a trailer.

Next, you’ll need to land on and enter a Quinjet ship seen patrolling the skies above. The flight path of these vehicles is different for every match, so your best bet is to drop in the middle of the map and then make a beeline for the aircraft as soon as it shows up. Once you’re on one, make your way inside and search for the hidden loading screen picture.

The third and most recent challenge is simple. Drop at Dirty Docks and interact with one of the heads of a deactivated Sentinel. With the arrival of Week 4 tomorrow, you’ll need to return here and search for a Sentinel chest piece. Powering it up will complete the objective.

In the final week before you face off against Wolverine, you’ll need to locate a Mutant Containment Truck (not currently in-game) which, like the Quinjets, will assumedly spawn in random places around the map. Once you’ve defeated the Adamantium warrior in the sixth and final week, Fortnite‘s Wolverine skin will be yours to keep.

Until then, however, you can see our guides on how to unlock She-Hulk and Mystique by hitting the respective links. Good luck!