How To Unlock Fortnite’s Mystique Skin And Awakening Emote

Mystique X-Men Movies

Fortnite‘s massive Season 4 crossover with Marvel is currently a little one-sided in terms of representation.

As of writing, the only supervillain skins available in the battle royale’s new collection of earnable cosmetics are Doctor Doom and Mystique. Two great picks, of course, but compared to Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, She-Hulk and Storm, the bad guys are hopelessly outnumbered, even if they have the world-devouring Galactus on their side. Truth be told, it’s not entirely clear if the latter truly has any allies or if the aforementioned pair are simply out for themselves. Either way, though, fans can no doubt expect Epic Games to even the odds, so to speak, in future updates. But for now, just unlocking Mystique is going to keep most busy.

Players can, of course, spend real money to skip through the various tiers of Searson 4’s Battle Pass, but if you’d rather do so through gameplay alone, the recurring X-Men villain won’t unlock until you reach rank 80.

Regardless of the means used to get there, however, Mystique, like all of Nexus War’s Marvel skins, comes with a series of character-specific Awakening Challenges to complete which, when ticked off, will award you with a special emote. To get started, you’ll need to head over to any of the numerous phone booths found on Apollo Island. Simply using one while using the appropriate skin will tick the first challenge.

Following that, the objectives begin to get a little tricky. To cross off the second, you’ll need to deal damage to other players with pistols of different weapon rarities. The most efficient way of achieving this is dropping with as many players as possible and looting any chest and/or buildings in your path. Once that’s out of the way, your final task will be to eliminate another player which, if you’ve any experience in Fortnite at all, shouldn’t prove to be particularly difficult.

Once all of the legwork above as been taken care of, you’ll be rewarded with Mystique’s emote which, as you’d suspect of the shapeshifter, allows the mutant to assume the form of the last player you eliminated. Neat.

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