How To Earn XP And Battle Stars In Week 1 Of Fortnite Season 9


Fortnite Season 9 is now live, meaning a tidal wave of cosmetics, content additions and new gameplay opportunities has crashed into the shores of Battle Island. In these early hours of the transition, players are no doubt still getting to grips with all the sweeping changes Epic Games has made to the battle royale. For newcomers especially, digesting everything in due time can be a daunting task, to say the least, but don’t be deterred. One of the many pros of the title’s seasonal content refresh is that it places players new and old on an even playing field.

Sure, the latter will still have the experience that comes with years of practice, but wacky gadgets like the new Slip Stream transport system is as alien to veterans as it is to fresh-faced rookies. By extension, the first round of challenges to kick-off Season 9 is filled to the brim with trials that both camps will need to do their research on, including the aforementioned wind-powered contraption spread across the entirety of Fortnite‘s map.

As is the norm, all current challenges are split right down the middle, with half available to all players and the remainder exclusive to Battle Pass owners. Ticking off each will earn you experience and progress towards the next tier of rewards on the Pass’ free and premium versions, as well as lucrative Battle Stars meant for spending on eye-popping skins and customization items. Each week brings with it another arms-length list of pursuits requiring completion, the current set of which can be found in its entirety below.

Free Challenges

  • Ride the Slip Stream around Neo Tilted and Mega Mall
  • Visit all Sky Platforms
  • Deal damage to an opponent within 10 seconds of using a Shadow Bomb

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Pick up a Legendary item in different matches
  • Search chests at Lucky Landing or Loot Lake
  • Scoped weapon eliminations
  • Deal damage to opponents from at least 2, 4 and 6 stories above ground

Generally speaking, the majority of what you see above is self-explanatory, though visiting Sky Platforms and dealing damage to opponents from varying levels of elevation could prove tricky for the uninformed. Should that be the case, you can head through here for an informative cheat sheet that handily sign-posts all the relevant information needed to get cracking on Fortnite Season 9’s first batch of tasks.

Good luck!