Fortnite Season X Update Adds Mysterious New Rift Zone, Automatic Sniper Rifle And More

Fortnite season 10

Fortnite Season X is full steam ahead.

Last week, Epic Games swept the last vestiges of Season 9 under the rug in order to make room for a new brand of adventure. More specifically, Battle Island is being besieged by a slew of bizarre time-altering anomalies, one of which has seen the return of Dusty Divot from seasons past. Far above that, suspended mid-flight in the sky is a foreboding meteorite threatening to once again cause devastating destruction. For now, at least, it seems players are safe from that natural disaster, but that’s far from the only concern.

Mysterious Rift Zones have begun materializing all over the map that appear to cause strange distortions for any who dare enter their sphere of influence. Today’s patch v10.00 introduces yet another of these reality-warping phenomenons, this time situated within Season 9 location Neo Tilted. For all the details concerning that, as well as a first-look at Fortnite‘s new Automatic Sniper Rifle, see below.

So, what’s the deal with Neo Tilted? Well, as from today, players who visit the futuristic cityscape can choose to enter its borders via the aforementioned rift. Doing so will instantly transform its high-rise buildings and tarmac streets into a dusty Old West town straight out of a spaghetti western flick. Accompanying the aesthetic change is a new set of rules, too.

In this time bubble, material gathering and building are strictly prohibited, so you’ll have to make do with the cover available. What’s more, only suitably-themed vintage weaponry can be found and used, so your armory of automatic rifles will be of no use here.

As for the presence of secrets hidden within Tilted Town’s stables and saloons, of that, I have no doubt. At the very least, expect this week’s round of Battle Pass challenges to include Fortnite‘s newest point of interest.