Fortnite Might Be Getting Spider-Man And Carnage Skins In Season 4

Fortnite‘s new season is already jam-packed full of Marvel characters, but it seems as if Epic Games isn’t quite satisfied with the quantity currently available. Skins for the likes of Thor, Wolverine, She-Hulk and Groot are all up for grabs throughout Season 4 by completing various special objectives included with the battle royale’s refreshed Battle Pass, giving players plenty to work towards over the next three months.

As is standard practice whenever a new season goes live, however, smaller, infrequent content drops will arrive over the next several weeks to maintain interest. These patches will also serve to move the current Nexus War narrative forward and, thanks to Thor’s access to the Bifrost, will almost certainly result in more Marvel heroes making the trip to Apollo Island in order to join the fight.

The identity of these late arrivals remains a secret, of course, though thanks to new details unearthed by data miners, two of them look incredibly likely to be Spider-Man as well as one of his most dangerous does, Carnage. According to prolific leaker HypeX, an unreleased achievement discovered in Fortnite‘s files is adorned with the Web Slinger’s logo, hinting that his outfit could be added to the in-game store sometime in the near future. ShiinaBR, another well-known whistleblower, goes one further by suggesting that the aforementioned alien symbiote could be making an appearance, too.

It’s worth remembering that neither of the above has been confirmed, though given the incredible accuracy of recent leaks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the rumors become reality. Assuming they’re true, it’ll be interesting to see if Spider-Man will be obtainable in all versions of Fortnite or, as is the case for Marvel’s Avengers, be a PlayStation exclusive. We’re not sure if even Sony would dare to draw the ire of millions of Fortnite fans, but who knows. Watch this space.