New Fortnite Survey Hints At The Introduction Of A Ranked Mode


How often have you found yourself discouraged from continuing your Fortnite career after being consistently matched with better, more experienced players? It’s that inevitable problem of skill gap that is potentially turning away thousands of newcomers to Epic Games’ premier battle royale experience and one that, if a recent survey is any indication, the developer is keen to remedy.

As pointed out by one player over on Reddit, a new survey is being circulated to the current player base as a means for Epic to collect valuable feedback on several aspects of the game, including the introduction of a potential new mode. The survey doesn’t mention ranked by name, but given how the question is worded, Epic’s intentions are crystal clear.

Asking those completing the survey to answer on an agree/disagree spectrum, the question queries:

Fortnite Battle Royale should have matchmaking that separates brand new players from experienced players.

Surveys akin to the current one doing the rounds have been sent out at the behest of Epic Games in the past, but this is the first time a direct question aiming for feedback on a potential divide between casual and hardcore players has been included. Potentially, Epic could honor the survey results by introducing said change if the majority agree, though it’s just as likely that the studio is, at this stage, looking for general opinion rather than a concrete vote.

Whatever Epic decides, it’ll have to tread carefully as to not alienate its current player base, though if its rumoured plans for Fortnite‘s immediate future are any indication, it’s certainly not afraid to make drastic changes. In lieu of Apex Legends‘ success, speculation that Epic is on the cusp of introducing a respawn mechanic into its own game has been gaining traction, especially in light of a certain discovery made last week.

That’s all there is to discuss for now, but in the meantime, we want to hear from you. Let us know in the comments if you think a dedicated ranked mode for Fortnite is a terrific idea or Epic’s worst yet, and why.

Source: Reddit

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