New Fortnite Teaser Reveals First Look At Marvel’s Venom Skin


Just a few weeks remain until Fortnite‘s ongoing Nexus War finally comes to a close.

Whether Thor and his fellow superheroes have drummed up enough support to deny Galactus his goal of devouring Apollo Island remains to be seen, of course, and while fans can do doubt expect an explosive finale either way prior to Season 5’s beginning later this month, Epic Games still has plenty of Marvel-themed content to deliver before a new adventure gets underway.

The developer, always eager to test the trigger fingers of its millions-strong playerbase, kicked off a multi-stage tournament back in October for everyone, casual fans or otherwise, to participate in. Unsurprisingly, the competition has been fierce, not least due to the fact that those who finish in a respectable position at the conclusion of each so-called Super Series are rewarded for their efforts with a special commemorative skin.

So far, these have all taken the form of iconic Marvel characters such as Ghost Rider and Black Widow, with this week’s all but confirmed to feature Venom. Check out the teaser for yourself via the gallery below:

As for how one goes about getting their hands on the symbiote suit, the Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup kicks off on Wednesday, November 18th and requires that participants be well-versed in the Duos format. Using rules similar to that of Operation: Knockout, competitors will need to utilize various superpowers available in each match to eliminate opponents in a 4-round knockout fight. All teams in the round will be given an identical set of pre-selected powers, meaning familiarity with each will be key to victory. Good luck!

Fortnite‘s Super Series fixtures conclude next week, November 21st, with a final $1 Million Super Cup. Hit the link below for more details.