New Fortnite Teaser Reveals First Look At Marvel’s Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Epic Games isn’t quite done with cramming Marvel content into Fortnite just yet, it seems.

The battle royale’s current season, which comes to an end later this month, has centered around a so-called Nexus War, with the two belligerents of this universe-spanning conflict being a band of superheroes (with Thor as their leader) and Galactus, the world-devouring cosmic entity who wants nothing more than to chow down on Apollo Island for his next meal. While that central narrative is expected to reach a conclusion in just a few weeks’ time, the roster of famous comic book characters joining the fight continues to grow.

Players can, of course, add costumes themed after the likes of Wolverine, She-Hulk and Iron Man to their collections by completing various tasks and ranking up in Season 4’s Battle Pass, though some, such as Daredevil, can only currently be obtained by participating in Epic’s recently announced Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament. It’s through this, fans believe, that the previously leaked Ghost Rider skin will be made available, teasers for which have surfaced today over on social media, which you can see below.

It’s worth noting that the darkened image above is one officially released by Epic, while the other has been tinkered with in an attempt to discover what’s behind the silhouette. It goes without saying, then, that what’s been found is clearly concept art and not representative of how Ghost Rider will look in-game. As is the case with Daredevil, participants in the aforementioned Knockout Super Series will need to place high (exact standings vary by region) in order to get their hands on Johnny Blaze.

Those who don’t quite make the cut or don’t have the time to participate will be able to purchase both skins at a later date via Fortnite‘s dedicated storefront. Stay tuned for further details.