New Fortnite Trailer Confirms Helicopters


Fortnite players will soon have the ability to take aerial tours of Apollo Island.

Following on from leaks last week hinting at their imminent arrival, Epic has confirmed via a new trailer that helicopters are being introduced to the game’s sandbox in what’s sure to be the most metagame defining moment of Chapter 2 season 2 so far. The battle royale has something of a contentious relationship with player-manned vehicles, of course, with various mobile weapons of mass destruction proving in the past to be grossly overpowered and/or plagued by bugs.

Prior to Battle Island being devoured by a black hole in Season X, the highly controversial B.R.U.T.E. mech caused outrage among the player base for providing too much reward for next to no risk, leading to calls for their removal. Despite a number of attempts to iron out the kinks, Epic ultimately removed the feature completely and is now trying its hand at something a little different.

It’s worth noting that unlike other vehicles introduced in the past, helicopters aren’t fitted with onboard weaponry. Instead, up to four other squadmates can occupy the passenger seats and use whatever guns are currently on their person to shoot directly out of the open sides. Pilots, it seems, are strictly tasked with the job of not crashing into a hillside or building.

You can check out the reveal trailer for yourselves above which, as an added surprise, features none other than Marvel’s Deadpool. The foul-mouthed anti-hero joined Fortnite as part of Chapter 2 season 2 and, following the completion of several challenges, is expected to eventually yield his iconic costume for players to wear. For everything we know so far on that front, including how to complete Deadpool’s challenges, see here.