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New Fortnite Update Teases Loki And Thor Skins For Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite players will soon be able to dress up as two incredibly popular Marvel characters.

Loki MCU

Fortnite players will soon be able to dress up as two incredibly popular Marvel characters.

Earlier this week, Epic Games posted some new key art on social media promoting an upcoming reveal for June’s Crew Pack. These bundles, distributed to players who pay a monthly subscription fee and which contain curated goods for use in the battle royale, represent another avenue for the developer to monetize its flagship free-to-play product and often come with skins borrowed from other properties.

Longtime fans will know that Marvel has been represented more times in-game than any other comic book or entertainment franchise, with last year’s Zero Point, in particular, focused entirely on bringing the likes of Wolverine, Storm, Iron Man and others to Apollo Island in order to defend it from the world-eating Galactus. Those iconic wardrobe additions, it seems, will soon be joined by Loki and Thor, and you can check out the teaser for yourself below:

While not directly revealed, two silhouetted individuals in the background of next month’s cosmetic pack closely resemble the Frost Giant and Asgardian respectively, with the instantly recognizable horned helmet and staff belonging to the latter being clearly visible.

Whether the siblings will have any involvement in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6’s ongoing story remains to be seen, of course, but in this instance, we’re inclined to believe that’s not the case. Instead, this is likely intended to capitalize on the upcoming release of Disney’s standalone Loki series. Episode 1 of the show is scheduled to land on the House of Mouse’s streaming platform on June 9th, with new outings arriving on a weekly basis, similar to WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. For all the latest details on that front, see here.

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