Fortnite Vending Machine Glitch Gives Players Extra Loot


Players have discovered another technical loophole hidden within Fortnite. And we’ll give you a clue: it involves faulty vending machines.

A video posted on Reddit (see below) has confirmed that, if multiple players engage with the same vending machine simultaneously, they’ll be inundated with extra loot. It seems the material cost of items has been removed, meaning each Fortnite vending machine has essentially transformed into another form of loot chest. They’ll explode after each use.

Mind you, this exploit won’t be around for much longer; as noted on Reddit, developer Epic Games is aware of the glitch and is currently working on a fix. Teamwork may make the dream work, but the days of all squad members receiving a rocket launcher are numbered.

Vending Machines are OP! from FortNiteBR

As any Fortnite player will tell you, vending machines typically dish out one item or weapon per player, and are then destroyed. But this glitch completely flips the tables so that everyone is awash with loot. Again, it won’t exist for much longer, as Epic Games has acknowledged the issue and will soon release a fix. Update v.8.10 is already live across all platforms, so expect another Fortnite update to roll out by next week.

All in all, the launch of Season 8 has gone over relatively smoothly, with new vehicles, cosmetics and that long-anticipated overhaul to the matchmaking system all being introduced without any issues. There’s also been an update on those fan-favorite Fortnite driftboards: Epic has no intention to vault them. At least, not yet…

Source: Reddit