Epic Has No Immediate Plans To Vault Fortnite’s Driftboard Vehicle


If you’re one of many that have grown attached to Fortnite‘s Driftboard peripheral since its introduction earlier this year, you probably share a similar concern with the masses – that Epic will soon be sending it to the dreaded Vault.

Unsurprisingly, given the rapid content delivery model the developer relies on to keep its battle royale title feeling fresh, various items are often ‘vaulted’ in order to remove clutter, address problematic weapons or store away specific limited-time items. The latter category, specifically, is what the beloved Driftboard falls into, and in light of a certain recent announcement, concerns that the new mode of transport would be replacing the wheelless skateboard have been steadily rising.

No doubt taking notice of the brewing uncertainty, Fortnite design lead Eric Williamson took to Reddit in order allay those fears, reassuring onlookers that the Driftboard is “sticking around.” As of writing, of course, Fortnite‘s latest vehicular addition – the Baller – has already been made available in the live game, meaning Battle Island regulars now have the choice between roleplaying as a hamster or continuing to pull off stylish tricks and kills with the Driftboard.

How long Epic plans to have the latter stick around for is anyone’s guess, but the original announcement did specify it as being a limited-time oddity for players to enjoy, so chances are, it won’t be around forever. But for now, at least, Driftboard users can continue to enjoy the latest fruits of Epic Games’ labour that is Season 8, including the various challenges laid out by the current Battle Pass.

For those of you still playing catch up on that front, you can head on through here for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to knock out all of the Week 1 and Week 2 challenges. Alternatively, if you’ve found yourself the lucky recipient of a mysterious treasure map, here’s how to use it.

Source: Reddit