Here’s Where To Find All Pirate Cannon Locations In Fortnite Season 8


Battle Pass owner or not, Fortnite‘s long list of weekly challenges to complete at the commencement of every new season are always a ton of fun to take on. With Season 8 revolving around pirates and their beloved pastime of searching for buried treasure, it’s with little surprise that the game’s current Battle Pass has a suitably swashbuckling theme to match.

So far, gamers have been tasked with visiting pirate camps and other interesting, new areas of the map, all while evading the path of their opponents, but now that week 2’s arrived, there’s a brand new set of Challenges to complete. You’ve surely had the chance to dive right into them already, and if so, you’ll know that one of them asks us to deal damage to other players with a pirate cannon.

It’s not a terribly difficult task to complete, but we now have a map for you to use which just may make it a bit easier, as it points out where you can actually find all of the cannons that are spread throughout the in-game world.

See for yourself below:

As you’ll notice, there are definitely a few areas that might be preferred if you’re looking to use a cannon. For one, they can always be found in Pirate Camps, while the ship in Lazy Lagoon is also a great bet for grabbing one – though expect others to have the same idea. Then again, it really doesn’t matter which one you use to deal the damage, so feel free to choose the location that suits you best.

In any case, it’s great to see that Fortnite Season 8 is now well underway and already bringing us tons of new events, cosmetics, challenges and an active Volcano. And things are just getting started, too, as there’s already been talk of a respawn feature coming down the pipeline, along with an awesome new weapon.