How To Complete Fortnite Season 8’s Visit A Giant Face In The Desert, The Jungle And The Snow Challenge

Fortnite season 8

If your latest hot drop onto Battle Island looked a little different today, that’s because Fortnite Season 8 has commenced. Epic Games has opted to go with a swashbuckling pirate theme this time around – with suitably themed loot – and as is par for the course, ticking off challenges from the seasonal Battle Pass will be the only way to get your hook-handed mitts on the lucrative loot.

The Week 1 challenges are now live and included among them is the ominous task of visiting a series of rock-formed faces placed throughout the game world. They’re not terribly difficult to find, but first and foremost, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Season 8 map, so you know exactly where you’re headed.

First up, you’ll want to travel north to Lazy Lagoon. Just West of the popular watering hole close to the ground will be where the first face can be found. For the second, you’ll need to chart a path to the southernmost part of the map to Lucky Landing. Follow the coastline from there until you’re just East of Happy Hamlet to find the snow-covered face.

The final and most easily-spotted of the three, meanwhile, will require a detour to Battle Island’s desert biome, Paradise Palms. Once again, you’ll want to head for the coast and keep your eyes peeled on the skyline. If you’re in the right spot, the desert face should be starring right back at you from atop a steep mountain. Once you’ve introduced yourself to all three solemn faces, the Battle Star will yield itself.

Fortnite Season 8 has just begun, so if you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place for any of the upcoming weekly challenges, be sure to check in with us for some quick tips on how best to tackle them.