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As Fortnite Season 8 nears its second week, Epic Games has ensured that its premier battle royale title’s latest refresh continues to add new carrots for fashionistas to chase, but what about new weapons? So far, no such bullet-spewing new armaments have been introduced with Season 8, but that could all be about to change if the latest efforts by Fortnite sleuths is anything to go by.

Labelled as ‘BattleRiflesSixties’ in the game files, the firearm has no official name, though an image of the as-yet-unreleased ordnance has been uploaded over on fansite Storm Shield. Judging by the elongated barrel, I’d have to say this potential arsenal addition belongs in the high-powered category, but you can dissect the image for yourself below.

Accompanying the visual leak is a breakdown of the weapon’s stats and proficiencies which, if accurate, fall in line with it being a precision tool for mid to long range, though there’s no way to tell if those are final. As an unreleased item, all of the above information could well be acting as placeholder text until Epic finalizes its plans for the addition, and that’s assuming it even makes the live game at all.

Currently, the general consensus is that we’re looking at a higher rarity version of the existing Infantry Rifle with a less widely-accepted theory being that it’s actually a silenced shotgun. Unlikely, given the file name associated with the gun’s image, but hey, anything’s possible.

As Season 8 continues to unfold, Epic will assuredly provide a definitive answer, but in the meantime, there’s plenty to keep Fortnite players occupied. Battle Pass challenges, as well as a brand new treasure map feature containing all sorts of nifty loot are the popular hot topics and you can find out more about the latter right here.

Source: Storm Shield

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