Fourteen Minutes Of Far Cry 3 Gameplay Goodness

Even though I’ve been covering Far Cry 3 extensively for quite a few months, I’m still enthralled by it. Each promotional video that Ubisoft has released has brought us something interesting to watch and gawk at, from campaign content to co-operative segments, multiplayer bursts and bonus content reveals. Though, while all of the above were impressive, what we have for you here is the publisher’s best offering yet: a fourteen minute-long single player gameplay demo, which just so happens to be narrated by members of the game’s development team.

Take a look at the video, and enjoy its look at many of the main quest’s features, including its gunplay mechanics, gory assassinations, inventory system and hunting missions.

Far Cry 3 will bring its beautiful scenery and insane characters to North American retail store shelves on December 4.

Source: Joystiq