Frank West Is Dressed To Impress In Dead Rising 4’s ‘Combo-Ween’ Trailer


Maybe it’s just us misremembering Frank West’s general demeanour when faced with the zombie apocalypse in Dead Rising, but the investigative journalist turned professional undead-killer seems to have decided not to take the end of the world so seriously in the 16 year time-skip between the original and Dead Rising 4.

Capcom’s open world survival ‘horror’ series has always featured a hefty dose of comedy by way of its bizarre outfits and weapon combos, but Dead Rising 4 appears to be pulling out all the stops this December, as the latest trailer released by Microsoft clearly suggests.

The so-called ‘Combo-Ween’ video is just the latest in a long line of similar teasers that exhibits even more costumes and combo weapons Frank will have access to in his war against the undead, and he appears to be enjoying his return to the Willamette Mall.

Santa Claus, fire-breathing dinosaur, cowboy and even Street Fighter-themed costumes are the sorts of threads Frank can don in Dead Rising 4, but the wackiness doesn’t end there. Complimenting the eclectic wardrobe are some truly bonkers combo weapons and vehicles, including, but by no means limited to, a dune buggy mounted with a rotating minigun, construction vehicles and trucks fitted with flamethrowers.

Dead Rising 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6 and, along with all of the above, will feature a full 18-hole golf course for those that pick up the season pass.