Future Horizon Zero Dawn Games May Shift The Focus Away From Aloy; Day One Patch Detailed

Exactly one week out from the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn and following the near-universal acclaim, anticipation for Guerrilla’s post-apocalyptic adventure is palpable.

Angled as a potential franchise-starter over at Sony, Horizon is an open-world RPG in which players take control of Aloy, a fierce, flame-haired tribeswoman who fights to uncover the origins of those mysterious, sky-scrapping machines that now roam Earth’s uninhabited lands. Aloy is the focal point of the story, then, but according to Guerrilla’s Senior Producer Angela Gillespie, the character – one loosely inspired by Ygritte from Game of Thrones – won’t always be the main protagonist going forward.

“I think Aloy will always be a part of Horizon Zero Dawn, but as you might have seen, there is a big number of characters and tribes in the game, and we have a rich history. We spent years developing these tribes, so there is a possibility for other characters in the future, but Aloy will always remain in Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Sony is yet to issue the green light on a Horizon sequel, but one would assume that the Powers That Be are already mulling over the future of the series in light of Zero Dawn‘s stellar reception.

It’s now inching closer and closer to its release on February 28th and to ensure early adopters are right up to speed, Guerrilla Games has outlined the RPG’s day one patch. First spotted by PlayStation Universe, the update largely concerns performance-based improvements on PS4 Pro. It’ll reportedly weigh in at around 250MB in size.

“Horizon Zero Dawn will receive a small day zero patch that will build upon PlayStation 4 Pro support, adding a Performance mode which will favor smoother framerates while delivering higher visual fidelity in the 1080p mode,” Guerrilla said. “This mode is available for both 4K and 1080p displays.”

Heralding a PlayStation icon for the ages in Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn launches February 28th and March 1st for North America and Europe, respectively. And remember, up until February 27th, We Got This Covered is running a Twitter contest to give away one copy of Guerrilla’s bold new IP to a lucky reader in North America.

Source: Gamereactor