Pokémon Sword And Shield 24-Hour Livestream Coming Next Month

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Fans eager to unravel more mysteries of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Galar region will want to set aside some screen time next month.

As per an announcement earlier today (thanks, Serebii), developer Game Freak intends to host a stream on October 4th meant to give Pokéfans their most in-depth look yet, at the Switch games’ UK-inspired setting. Rather than simply showing a few minutes of curated gameplay, however, this particular demo will be live and is scheduled to run for a whopping 24 hours. As for what Trainers can expect to learn during the show, the main topic of focus will be that of Galar’s Glimwood Tangle Forest.

Beyond that, it’s not immediately clear what the developers have planned to keep potentially millions of viewers glued to their screen for hours on end, though new Pokémon reveals will assuredly be par for the course. With just over a month to go until Sword and Shield‘s long-awaited release date rolls around, a huge chunk of its Pokédex remains shrouded in mystery. Game Freak will understandably want to keep a few secrets back, of course, but there’s still plenty of room for it to drum-up hype.

Especially where Gigantamaxing (that term will never not be ridiculous) is concerned, only a handful of ‘Mons able to tap into its power has been revealed. The same can be said for Galarian forms, too, with the recent reveal of Sirfetch’d bringing the known total up to a modest four. Speaking of which, recent datamining efforts for sister game Pokémon Go suggest that the special regional variants will soon be making their way to hit mobile title. You can read all about that here.

As for Pokémon Sword and Shield, we’ll be tuning in on October 4th to have a nosy around Glimwood Forest ahead of the pair’s launch on November 15th. See you then!