Pokémon Go Leak Suggests Sword And Shield’s Galarian Forms Are Coming Soon

Pokemon Go

It’s been hectic few months for Pokémon Go players. The mobile title, which continues to make money hand over fist three years after launch, has inundated fans with a plethora of events and content updates this year. Top of that list – and assuredly the best new feature developer Niantic has added in a long while – is Team Rocket. The villainous group began their invasion of in-game PokéStops back in the summer, in turn providing Trainers with potentially lucrative new rewards and a much-needed mid-game challenge.

Refreshed raids, XP boosts, new quests and the first batch of Generation 5 Pokémon from Black & White are just a sample of the other attractions so far introduced in 2019 but lo and behold, the fun doesn’t stop there. Reddit user and dataminer Lewwyd recently returned from their latest deep dive into Pokémon Go‘s files and has since posted their findings online, and you can check them out below:

.[141] Entry data
string Key = “galar_pokedex_header”
string Translation = “Galarian Form”

.[142] Entry data
string Key = “general1.ticket.1_description”
string Translation = “A ticket to access the “A Colossal Discovery” special event on {0} from {1} to {2} local time, wherever you are.”
Looks some new events coming to Pokemon Go where you can ‘attend’ in you local time zone. Could be an IAP.

Titled “A Colossal Discovery”

Options for Galarian Forms have been added too

As /u/0xBADC0FFEE pointed out translations for a couple of moves were also added

“Thunder Fang”

“Ice Fang”

“Horn Drill”


“Sacred Sword”


There are a few discoveries worthy of note here, but the biggest takeaway is undoubtedly specific mention of Galarian forms.

For those unaware, the term refers to special versions of existing Pokémon that can only be found in Sword and Shield‘s Galar region. So far, only a handful of said variants have been revealed, with the latest, Sirfetch’d, confirmed to be an evolution of Gen 1 duck Farfetch’d that can only be found inhabiting the UK-inspired island. Given that Pokémon Go introduced the similar Alolan forms from Sun & Moon not long after their release, it’s likely the case that Niantic will be aiming to repeat that success in a few month’s time.

As for the remainder of the leak’s contents, it appears as if a new Field Research mission is on the cards. Fans believe the name, ‘A Colossal Discovery’ refers to that of mythical Pokémon Regigigas. The fearsomely powerful beast is referred to as such in its native land of Hoenn.

Exciting times ahead, then, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments. As always, stay tuned.