Pokémon Fans Are In Love With Sword And Shield’s Sirfetch’d

Pokémon Sword And Shield

For 27 long, painful years, one Pokémon above all others has been neglected by Game Freak. Farfetch’d, the lovable – but rather useless – duck Pokémon from the original Red & Blue games, has often been made fun of for its lack of combat prowess and been largely ignored as just another forgettable Pokédex filler. Almost three decades later, however, the leek-loving quack (these puns won’t stop) is back and truly better than ever.

In case you missed it, a new Sword and Shield trailer released by The Pokémon Company earlier today has given fans their first beak at Farfetch’d’s long-awaited evolution. Waddling onto the battlefield plastered with a smug and righteous look on its face, Sirfetch’d is arguably the most suave and sophisticated ‘Mon you’ll ever lay eyes on. Clearly inspired by medieval knights of yore, the avian pays homage to its inferior original form by wielding a pair of cruciferous weapons in battle.

Fantastic as it is, Sirfetch’d’s design has resulted in overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans on social media, as evidenced below:

You honestly couldn’t ask for a warmer welcome for what’s undoubtedly the most popular ‘Mon revealed so far for Sword and Shield. Well, for Sword, at least. As a version exclusive, Sirfetch’d can only be obtained via trading or similar means in Shield so if you want him on your team, be sure to pick up the correct copy on release day.

Speaking of which, Pokémon Sword and Shield arrive for Nintendo Switch on November 15th and boast a raft of new gameplay features, including Dynamaxing, Signature Moves and raid battles. Game Freak also confirmed recently that, for the first time ever, the series will be ditching its usual endgame battle against the Elite Four for a proper tournament format. Head through here for all the details.