Game-Breaking Apex Legends Bug Has Returned In Season 6

Apex Legends

A persistent Apex Legends bug thought to have been stamped out for good in Season 5 has reared its ugly head yet again, and at the worst possible time, no less.

For those unaware, players of the battle royale reported several weeks ago an increased frequency of a glitch that prevented them from reviving teammates. While no specific cause appears to have ever been discovered, it was believed that Respawn had located the offending code and purged it from the game during Fortune’s Favor. While it’s the most recent instance of Apex‘s revive feature not working as intended, issues ranging from small to potentially game-breaking (mostly the former, fortunately) have been present in one form or another since launch, causing untold frustration among the player base in the process.

Unfortunately, it now seems as if the broken revive bug has returned with a vengeance. Posting footage of a recent match on Reddit, user vicodin_man recounts how they found it literally impossible to revive their squad member after they were downed, as the required prompt to do so never materialized. The clip in question can be found over here.

As of writing, Respawn seemingly has yet to acknowledge the issue, though fellow fans responding to vicodin_man’s post have offered their own two cents in regards to what could be causing the unintended behaviour. Several comments, in fact, claim that being placed into a downed state while interacting with one of Apex‘s new Replicator machines has a high chance of causing the bug to occur. Should that be the case, it might be worth refraining from using the Season 6 addition, at last until Respawn has had the chance to perform necessary checks.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as and when it develops but in the meantime, you can find out what’s new for Apex Legends Season 6 by heading over here.