Game-Breaking Apex Legends Exploit Lets Players Hide Inside Rocks

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have stumbled upon an increasingly popular new exploit in Kings Canyon and suffice it to say, this particular glitch isn’t enrichening the gameplay experience.

As far as game-breaking bugs go, in fact, this one is a big offender, awarding squads who decide to break the rules essentially total immunity to any sort of risk. Reddit user itsjustblob recently posted their own first-hand footage of a group engaging in the act, which involves brute-forcing one’s way into portions of the map that shouldn’t be accessible.

In this instance, they discover that one team has set-up shop inside a rockface at Slum Lakes, not only making their whereabouts impossible to discern by the naked eye but impervious to damage. You can check out the clip for yourselves on Reddit via the link below.

As one would expect, the only reliable method of damaging the bug’s abusers is by breaking the rules yourself and slipping through environmental textures. Itsjustblob manages to do this in their Predator rank match, though quickly bows out when they come under hail fire from the those already holed up inside. Naturally, players responding to the discovery on social media have criticized the lack of sportsmanship on display here, especially as the events took place in a high-rank Predator lobby.

As of writing, Respawn seemingly has yet to acknowledge the exploit, though hopefully, this exposure will be enough to prompt it into taking action. Until the time that a fix is deployed, however, we’d suggest simply staying as far away from Slum Lakes and the surrounding area as much as possible. Kings Canyon is a big place, after all, and it’s about to get even bigger later this week when the first of Apex Legends‘ mysterious bunkers swings open. See here for all the details.