New Leak Reveals When Apex Legends’ Mysterious Loot Bunkers Will Open

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players will soon be able to start uncovering one of Season 5’s biggest mysteries, it looks like.

Thanks to new character Loba‘s, let’s say, unwanted intrusion into a laboratory hidden beneath Kings Canyon, the battle royale’s original map has undergone some quite literal tectonic changes. Other than the total destruction of Skull Town – all that’s left is a gaping big hole eager to swallow anything else that strays too close – the aforementioned facility’s self destruct protocol has redistributed tons of soil, unearthing several enigmatic bunkers in the process.

Naturally, squads eager to find out what’s inside the buried installations have spent the last few weeks attempting to bust the locks to no avail, with the trick to jimmying them open all along, it seems, being simply to wait. As per prolific data miner Shrugtal’s latest discovery, in fact, it now appears the dates and times for when players can expect each of the four bunkers to swing open (there’s a fifth, but it’s apparently tied to a future story event) have been confirmed. Check out the timetable, complete with expected loot and location, below.

Do note that the two dates advertised above relate to the opening process rather than for how long the hatches on each will remain ajar, with Shrugtal noting that it’ll take a week for the opening process to complete, which is when self-styled explorers will finally be free to start looting to their heart’s content. They’ll be worth the detour, too, as each location will not only be filled with standard loot but big-ticket items such as Legendary-rarity shields and weapons. This does, of course, mean that you’ll be fighting against other teams in order to secure the spoils, but win, and you’ll walk away with some of the best gear available.

As always, we should caution that all of the above information, unofficial as it is, could change at any moment, so we’d hold off on treating it as fact until Respawn says otherwise. Until then, returning players can head over here for a rundown of all the big changes made to Apex Legends with Season 5.