Game-Breaking Apex Legends Glitch Makes Wraith Invincible


Respawn is probably lamenting its decision to make Apex Legends a hero-focused shooter right about now. Ever since launch, the developer has struggled to maintain a power level equilibrium among its ever-growing cast of characters, a disparity that’s led to several tweaks and total overhauls. Caustic and Gibraltar, in particular, have received several drastic buffs in recent months in order to account for their slower movement speeds but even now, they continue to lag behind top-tier combatants like Mirage and Octane.

Perfect balance is an impossible goal to achieve, of course, but not helping matters is the regular occurrence of glitches and bugs. Especially those of the game-breaking kind. And so it has emerged today that a new particularly egregious exploit has been discovered by the player base which, given its potency, will require a fix as soon as possible on Respawn’s end.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the character’s history of broken interactions, original cast member Wraith is the subject of debate this time around. More specifically, a peculiar quirk concerning her Into the Void ability has given rise to a glitch that essentially makes the stealthy warrior permanently immune to damage. As it normally functions, Into the Void allows Wrath to take on an ethereal form where she’s unable to take damage and gains a movement speed boost. Even in its intended form, the tactical toolkit continues to be one of the strongest of any character but this bug elevates its effectiveness to another level.

As depicted via the clip above, some players have discovered the means in which to infinitely trigger Into the Void, making it incredibly difficult for her to be killed, let alone damaged.

Specifics concerning how the exploit is performed remain unconfirmed, though it appears to involve animation cancelling via a well-timed melee attack. Given that the now-fixed infinite portal glitch was performed in much the same way, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to learn that’s the case.

Regardless, Respawn is well-known for coming down hard on Apex Legends players that exploit such unintended interactions to gain a gameplay advantage. It therefore goes without saying that players who value their accounts should steer clear of trying to replicate the above until further notice. Stay tuned.