Gameplay Commentary For Horizon Zero Dawn Charts The Mythic And Mighty Nature Of PS4 Exclusive


As arguably the most show-stopping new IP unveiled during E3, the excitement surrounding upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is palpable. Ditching the corridor-based action of the Killzone franchise in favor of a vast and sprawling open-world, Guerrilla Games are dreaming bigger, and in this gameplay commentary, the creative team recounts last month’s demo in all of its mythic and mighty glory.

In essence, it’s beat-for-beat the same segment showcased during Sony’s press conference, though the voiceover helps illustrate some of the finer details within Zero Dawn‘s world that may have perhaps passed you by first time around. First and foremost, the gameplay clip demonstrated during E3 was by no means scripted, as it’s understood players will have numerous options presented to them as they scour the post-post-apocalyptic world as Aloy.


With the remnants of humanity relegated to our humble and primitive roots, the remainder of our species has been split into various tribes and camps, all hoping to survive in a world they share with towering, mechanized dinosaurs. How exactly these beings came to be will reportedly underpin the storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn, but there’s no question that the game’s set-up – one of nature reclaiming the land once owned by mankind – is fascinating in and of itself.

As expected, crafting will be indispensable, and the footage above illustrates how Aloy’s eye-catching bow is constructed using a variety of machine parts and natural elements, opening up the potential to upgrade and fine-tune the weapon as you progress through the course of this vast, intriguing open-word.

No word yet on a launch window let alone a release date, though we expect Horizon Zero Dawn to bring its lush open world onto PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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